26 Dec 2019
How Free apps make money from google play?
Cloud computing basic introduction

Mobile phone is nowadays most important part of our busy lives. No matter how busy we are, we find at least 10 minutes a day for it.

Why so ? i mean why it is not only luxary but necessity

Reason is simple, in today’s technical world, we have technical solution to almost every problem in the form of websites or mobile apps. we have almost everything that solves many problems and put ease to our daily lives in the form of apps. Like social media, TV, music, movies, games,food, travel,shopping in fact our daily work like making bills,receiving payment etc. all these things are in pocket sized gadget.

Ever wondered these amazing apps that ease our lives are available for free. App makers puts so much efforts and innovations and they let us download for free from google play store.

There is a huge market of mobile apps, as many companies or individuals uploading their mobile applications. Stats at end of 2019 says there are 2,887,910 apps on Google Play. Out of which 2,765,385 (95.8%) are available free and only 122,525 (4.2%) are paid.

Why so ?

Why these app developers are uploading there apps and for free and not charging us for using there innovation and hard work.

Reason is, When we search for apps in play store, we download the freely available apps that has features almost similar to paid ones and ignore paid apps. As a result, free apps gets more downloads as compared to paid ones.How free apps makers make money?

There are many ways in which these you can make money with your free apps.

1. In-app advertisement
2. In-app purchase
3. Subscriptions

  1. In-app advertisement

We are using many free android apps and gets irritated by unwanted ads over it, well these ads in apps are the medium through which you can make money. The way ads displayed in your app determine earning. Ads can be either displayed in the form of banner, image video etc. The downloads you get makes the possibility of displaying ads and on per click you earn total out of which 30% is the google play share. Freely available apps get more downloads and therefore gets more ads rather than paid ones. So chances of advertisement display on your app is high with the free apps and you get paid per click on these ads. So more downloads means moe chances of getting clicks Thereby more is the chances of making money with free apps.

   2. In-app purchase

In this way user can download your app for free. However, they have to pay for some features here payment is one time, utility or something else. Here you can get downloads, ads and also earn through special features. So in this way you can put some special features or utility in your application. Make you application freely available and you can charge that special feature. This way you can earn from both the ways. For example, some music players and games are available for free and for special features like special music effects they charge something.

  3.Subscription to your app

Here, User download app for free. you offer services in the app for which they have to pay either monthly, weekly etc. for some special functions E.g Hotstar . For Hotstar. It is available freely on playstore you can use it freely and watch your favorite shows but for some special series you need to purchase a subscription for a year. This way this app is earning through subscriptions and also the ads you watch in between favorite shows VIP you have to pay something per year you use.So in these many ways innovative app makers earn with their free apps. Beneficial for both developers and users.


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