26 Sep 2019
Machine Learning :An overview

Machine learning is subset or a branch of artificial intelligence. It is the process of making machine intelligent and capable of making decision itself without receiving any human instruction. Study of algorithms, mathematical and statistical models etc. techniques are used for making system learn something.It plays very important roles in making AI systems .

This include four Processes

Machine Learning Model

  1. Learning

Learning is getting Knowledge from any source about anything. This is the basic process of machine learning. System takes the data from external environment either by its input device or sensors etc. and either stores it or replace or modify with existing one. This is also known as creating Knowledge Base. The component used for this purpose is called as learner.

   2. Performing

This process includes executing tasks and performing experiments. It uses knowledge Base created by learner for carry out activities. Thereby system gives responses to queries or input in this process that describes actions like decision making etc. The components used for this purpose is called as performer or performance component.

   3. Evaluating

In this process response given by performance component is evaluated and the component used is called as Evaluator

  4. Feedback sending

After Evaluating a performance feedback is sent to learner. This is necessary step for knowing systems if the change in the knowledge base is improving learning system or not.

These steps are repeated until system performance reach the level of acceptance. A system performance accepted level is when system performs equally or just like it was expected. These were the basic steps how machine learn. And the learned system is called as expert system.

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